Photo: Kuami Eugene Begs for nudes on Twitter

Talented young Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene has been exposed for asking a lady to send him her nude photos. The lady with the Twitter handle @_esi, had made a post on Twitter indicating that she would release her nude photos should PSG beat Manchester United in one of the matches in the ongoing English Premier League. Apparently, the lady, a staunch PSG fan, was confident that PSG was going to win that game, and was sort of betting with the nude photos.
The game ended with PSG carrying the day, and soon, Twitter users who had read the lady’s promise to release her nude photos in a bid to celebrate the win, started mounting pressure on her to do so. One of them was the Angela hitmaker Kuami Eugene. He wrote that he was a Manchester United fan but would still encourage the lady to fulfill her promise. On a second thought, Kuami Eugene, as if becoming selfish, asked her to send the photos to him alone via direct message.
His tweet received a lot of reactions from other users with most of them lambasting him for making such a request of the lady. It seems the Confusion hitmaker could not bear the heat anymore, and so went on to delete the tweet.
Kuami Eugene begs lady for nude photos on Twitter (Photo)
We cannot say if the lady obliged and flooded Kuami Eugene’s DM with the nude photos or not. But considering the fact that he is a top star and a ‘ladies man’, it could be that the lady was more than willing to fulfill her promise.


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